Property Brother's Most Daring Renovation
Written by Lisa Johnson Mandell
"Property Brothers" stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are bound to run into a musician or two while they're working in Nashville, TN. After all, it is known as Music City, USA!

So it's no surprise when, in the "Striking the Right Chord" episode, the Scott brothers meet Aben and Ashley, who are both in the music business. She's a creative director for music acts, and he's been playing guitar for Kelly Clarkson for 11 years. The couple met backstage at the Grand Ole Opry—it doesn't get more country than that!

It's also no surprise that they're fairly certain they want a home on Nashville's famous Music Row, right in the center of all the action they enjoy, and they have $600,000 to spend on it. Yet the Scotts have other plans for them.

Check out the daring ways the twins show Aben and Ashley that their "dream home" may be quite different from what they imagine.

Location isn't everything
After Drew takes them on an exhaustive home search, Aben and Ashley narrow it down to two contenders. One is an older house in the perfect neighborhood. However, it's not large and it has a very small, very sloped backyard—not exactly ideal for the couple's toddler.

The other contender is a five-bedroom 2.5-bath cottage on an acre of land. This home is lovely, but also 15 minutes outside of Nashville. It's farther away than the couple were hoping for, but when they see their angelic 2-year-old son, Emerson, playing in the large backyard and then picking a bouquet of wildflowers for Mommy, they're tempted to overlook the remote location.

"I can't make this decision for you," Drew tells them. "Which house do you see yourselves raising Emerson in?"

That does it. There's no question that they'd rather have a beautiful place to raise Emerson than a convenient place for their music friends to visit. They cheerfully plunk down $469,000 for the larger house, which Jonathan estimates he can renovate for $130,000.

Modern industrial doesn't have to be harsh
Ashley leans toward glam decor, and is concerned that Aben's industrial taste will be a little too harsh for a family home. In addition to Emerson, they have two daughters who are away at college, but come home to visit quite often. They need enough comfortable space for the whole family.

But Jonathan reassures them: "You can still have that industrial design, but make it a little more comfortable, a little more family-friendly." He explains that he's going to mix some soft textures with strong lines, and let more natural lighting in to give their space a warm, sunny glow.

How to fake steel window frames
There are nine rectangular windows on the front of the house, and Jonathan thinks they'd look even more industrial if they had black metal frames. That would require replacing the existing windows with custom ones, which would be quite expensive even if there's room in the budget.

But Ashley and Aben decide they'd rather spend the money on an extra set of french doors on the back of the house, so Jonathan improvises. He paints the wood window frames black, which gives the same modern effect, and Aben and Ashley are pleasantly surprised when they see it.
Make a new addition to an old deck look seamless
If they add extra french doors in back, they're going to have to extend the elevated porch across the back of the house. That's just fine with them, since Jonathan tells them that with more outdoor living space, they'll get maximum enjoyment out of their large property.

Still, when you add new wood to old, new can't help but look obvious—no matter how much you power-wash the old part. So Jonathan puts a redwood stain on the entire back deck—and when it dries, it looks like the whole deck was built at the same time. Score!

Don't critique artwork until it's finished
To make the home even more rock 'n' roll, Jonathan commissions a local Nashville artist to paint an accent wall in the entryway. Aben and Ashley come for a visit when the black and white wall has been only partly stenciled and spray-painted. They see what looks like a floral theme, and they're a little horrified.

"You shouldn't judge an artist until the masterpiece is complete," Jonathan tells them. They tell Jonathan they trust his judgment, but they don't seem fully convinced about the artwork.
Do the Scott brothers deliver?
You bet!

"That is awesome," Aben cries as he walks through the door and sees the finished accent wall.

"I'm in love," says Ashley as she notes the mix of soft textures with clean modern lines in the great room.

"Moving away from Music Row gave them so much more, including a gorgeous field right in their own backyard," says Drew. Cue the mic drop.

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